Topical Areas


 A. Reactor and Neutron Physics

 B. Reactor Analysis Methods

   A-1 Nuclear Data
   A-2 Resonance Physics
   A-3 Delayed Neutrons
   A-4 Critical and Subcritical Experiments and Analysis
   A-5 Integral Experiments for Thermal and Fast Reactors
   A-6 Spent Fuel Criticality and Burnup Credit

   A-7 High-Energy Nuclear Data for Transmutation Systems

   B-1  Lattice Physics Methods and Verification
   B-2  Deterministic Transport Methods
   B-3  Stochastic Transport Methods
   B-4  Homogenization and Nodal Methods
   B-5  Homogenization-Free Reactor Core Analysis Methods
   B-6  Monte Carlo Depletion Methods
   B-7  Spatial Kinetics Methods
   B-8  Perturbation Theory and Variational Methods

   B-9  Whole-Core Transport Calculations

   B-10 Analytic Transport Methods

 C. Fuel/Core Design and Analysis

 D. Future Reactor Design

   C-1 Core Design Optimization
   C-2 Fuel Management and Fuel Cycles
   C-3 Weapons-Grade Pu Disposition
   C-4 MOX Core Design and Operational Experience
   C-5 High Burnup Fuel
   C-6 Advanced Fuel Design
   C-7 Design Codes : Verification and Validation

   C-8 Fuel/Target Design for Transmutation Reactors

   D-1  Advanced Light Water Reactors
   D-2  Integral and Passive-Safety Reactors
   D-3  Fast Reactors
   D-4  Transmutation Reactors

   D-5  Subcritical Reactor Physics and Analysis

   D-6  Thorium Cycles

   D-7  Gas-Cooled Reactors
   D-8  New Reactor Concepts

   D-9  Tight-Lattice High-Conversion Reactors

   D-10 Proliferation-Resistant Fuel Cycles

   D-11 Space Reactors and Compact Reactors

 E. Reactor Operation and Control

 F. High-Performance Computing

   E-1 BWR Stability Analysis
   E-2 On-Line Core Monitoring Methods
   E-3 Load Follow Operations
   E-4 Reactor Operation Support and Control Aids
   E-5 Reactor Operation Anomaly and Transient Analysis

   F-1 Parallel Computing
   F-2 Distributed Computing
   F-3 High-Fidelity Simulators
   F-4 Computational Methods on Advanced Computers
   F-5 Large-Scale Nuclear Problems

 G. Non-Power Reactor Applications

 H. Nuclear Safety

   G-1 Accelerator Applications/Spallation Physics
   G-2 Plasma and Particle Transport for Industrial Applications
   G-3 Medical Applications
   G-4 Non-Destructive Assay Methods
   G-5 Neutron Radiography
   G-6 Nuclear Geophysics

   G-7 Safegurards Applications

   H-1 Reactivity Induced Accident Analysis
   H-2 Coupled Neutron Kinetics and Thermal-Hydraulics

   H-2a Numerical and Computational Issues of Coupled 3-D

            Kinetics/Thermal-Hydraulic System Simulations:

            OECD/NRC BWR TT Benchmarks
   H-3 Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
   H-4 Computational Methods for Criticality Safety

   H-5 Transient Fuel Thermal-Mechanical-Chemical

           Modeling - Impact on Reactor Physics and Safety

   H-6 Materials Radiation Damage Physics and Modeling

 I. Research and Test Reactors

 J. Radiation Shielding

   I-1 Design and Operation
   I-2 Start-Up Test and Design Verification
   I-3 Research Reactor Fuels
   I-4 Cold Neutron Source

   I-5 License Renewal

   I-6 Decommissioning

   J-1 Radiation Monitoring and Dosimetry
   J-2 Pressure Vessel Lifetime Extension
   J-3 Fusion-Blanket and Accelerator Shielding

 K. Others

 L. Computer Code Abstracts (Poster)

   K-1 Standards

   K-2 Benchmarks

   K-3 Others

 M. Reactor Physics Education