Instructions for Summaries

The PHYSOR 2002 submittal and review of papers will be conducted entirely in an electronic format. Please submit summaries of papers that describe work that is NEW, SIGNIFICANT, and RELEVANT to the nuclear industry. To facilitate adequate review, summaries of papers must be received electronically by January 15, 2002.

Content :

  1. Introduction - State the purpose of the work.
  2. Description of the Actual Work - The work described must be new and significant.
  3. Results - Discuss the significance of the findings.
  4. References - If any, references must be closely related, published work. Minimize the number of references. Do not present a bibliographic listing.

Length :

  1. Use about 1,000 words, including tables and figures.
  2. Count figures and tables as 150 words each. Use no more than three figures or tables.
  3. Exclude references from word count.

Format :

  1. Summaries must be prepared in MS-Word or PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.
  2. Use SI Units (with English units following in parentheses, if desired). Exceptions are made for eV and barns.
  3. List references numerically at the end of the summary, and use numbers in the text, enclosed within brackets.

Submission :

  1. Please identify the session where you feel your summary would fit best.
  2. Summaries must be submitted electronically via "Electronic Paper Submission" menu.