February 25(Mon) ~ 27(Wed), 2002


A Short Course on

Nuclear Data Measurement, Evaluation and Processing

Outline of Short Course

 Lecturer 1: Professor Nam Zin Cho (KAIST, Korea)

  • Transport Computation and Nuclear Data

  Lecturer 2: Professor Masayuki Igashira (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

  • Measurement of Neutron Capture Cross Sections at High Energy

  Lecturer 3: Dr. Jong Hwa Chang (KAERI, Korea)

  • Nuclear Data Evaluation

  Lecturer 4: Professor Yukinobu Watanabe (Kyushu University, Japan)

  • Optical Model for Reaction Theory

  Lecturer 5: Dr. Gi Dong Kim (KIGAM, Korea)

  • Fast Neutron Capture Cross Section of 63Cu by Neutron Activation
  • Nuclear Data Measurement

  Lecturer 6: Dr. Vadim Skoy (Joint Institute of Nuclear Research)

  • Nuclear Physics with Polarized Neutron Beam

  Lecturer 7: Professor Mamoru Baba (Tohoku University, Japan)

  • Experiments and Data Status of Intermediate Energy Nuclear Data

  Lecturer 8: Professor Gui Nyun Kim (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

  • Measurement of Total and Capture Cross Sections by the Time-of-Flight Method

  Lecturer 9: Mr. Choong Sup Gil (KAERI, Korea)

  • Nuclear Data Processing and Multigroup Library Generation



Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering

Nuclear Reactor Analysis and Particle Transport Lab


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