February 19(Mon) ~ 22(Thu), 2001


A Short Course on

Neutron & Radiation Transport Simulation :

Theory and Applications

Outline of Short Course

Lecturer A: Professor Cassiano R. E. de Oliveira (Imperial College, United Kingdom)

  • Lecture A-1: Overview of Deterministic and Finite Element Methods for Particle Radiation Transport Simulation
  • Lecture A-2: Applications of Radiation Transport Methods to Nuclear Engineering, Medicine, and Environment (Core Criticality, Nonlinear Spatial Kinetics, 3D Cloud Radiation Transfer, Photon Transport in Tissue and Inverse Scattering, Oil Well-Logging)
  • Computer Demonstration A: The General Purpose Radiation Transport Code EVENT

Lecturer B: Professor Toshikazu Takeda (Osaka University, Japan)

  • Lecture B-1: Nodal Transport Theory and Application to FBR
  • Lecture B-2: Multiband Method for the Analysis of MOX Fuel

Lecturer C: Professor Farzad Rahnema (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

  • Lecture C-1: Perturbation Theory
  • Lecture C-2: Variational Method
  • Lecture C-3: Spatial Homogenization Theory

Lecturer D: Professor Alireza (Ali) Haghighat (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

  • Lecture D-1: Discrete Ordinates (SN) Transport Methods
  • Lecture D-2: Monte Carlo Methods and Variance Reduction Techniques
  • Computer Demonstration D-1: Application of PENTRANTM (Parallel Environment Neutral-particle TRANsport) Code System
  • Computer Demonstration D-2: Application of A3MCNPTM (Automated Adjoint Accelerated MCNP)

Lecturer E: Professor Nam Zin Cho (KAIST, Korea)

  • Lecture E-1: Method of Characteristics for Whole-Core Heterogeneous Calculations
  • Lecture E-2: Boltzmann-Fokker-Planck Equation for Charged Particle Transport

Lecturer F: Dr. Andrei M. Voloschenko (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russia)

  • Lecture F-1: An Experience in the Use of the SN Method for Hadron and Electron-Photon Transport Problems in BFP Formulation



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Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering

Nuclear Reactor Analysis and Particle Transport Lab


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