NQE412 Monte Carlo Methods and Applications

Fall 2004

Time  Tuesday  2:30 pm - 4:00 pm  (Room #2424 [ME Building])  
 Thursday  2:30 pm - 4:00 pm (Room #2424 [ME Building])   

Instructor Prof. Nam Zin Cho (nzcho@kaist.ac.kr x3819)
Teaching Assistant Jong Woon Kim (spiky@fermi.kaist.ac.kr x3859)
Lecture in English
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Course Outline

The Monte Carlo method, conceived in a neutron moderation study and born in the Manhattan Project, is a computer simulation technique that is now widely used not only in nuclear reactor design/analysis but also in other areas such as various science and engineering disciplines, and socio/economic studies as well. This course deals with fundamentals of the Monte Carlo methods (including related subjects of Ising models and molecular dynamics): (1) random variables and random number generation, (2) sampling procedures, including Metropolis algorithm, (3) analog Monte Carlo, (4) non-analog Monte Carlo and variance reduction techniques, (5) molecular dynamics, atomic-scale and quantum Monte Carlo simulations, and then applies the methods to a selection of representative benchmark problems from several application areas: (6) radiation particle (neutron, g-ray, and charged particles such as electron and proton particle) transport problems, (7) bio/nuclear medicine systems design, (8) multiple integrals and integral equations, (9) Ising models, (10) bridge from Ab initio simulation to continuum macroscopic analysis in multiscale modeling and simulation, and (11) optimization problems.

   Class Handout
  1. Kalos and Whitlock, Monte Carlo Methods, Volume I: Basics, John Wiley & Sons, 1986.
  2. Hammersley and Handscomb, Monte Carlo Methods, London: Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1964.
  3. Lewis and Miller, Computational Methods of Neutron Transport, Chapter 7, John Wiley & Sons, 1984.
  4. R.L. Morin (Ed.), Monte Carlo Simulation in the Radiological Sciences, CRC Press, 1988.
  5. Allen and Tildesley, Computer Simulation of Liquids, Oxford University Press, 1987.
  6. Newman and Barkema, Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics, Claredon Press, 1999.
  7. D. Raabe, Computational Materials Science: The Simulation of Materials Microstructures and Properties, Wiley-VCH, 1998.
  8. D. Frenkel and B. Smit, Understanding Molecular Simulation, 2nd Edition, Academic Press, 2002.
  9. K. Refson, Moldy User's Manual, available at (http://chin.icm.ac.cn/software/moldy.html)

Problem Sets

  - Following materials are open to enrolled students only.  If you have any problem to access on materials,   please contact with Teaching Assistant (Jong  Woon Kim spiky@fermi.kaist.ac.kr x3859)

Due Date


2004. 9. 23 Homework 1 (pdf format)
2004. 10. 12 Homework 2 (pdf format)
2004. 10. 14 Homework 3 (pdf format)
2004. 10. 26 Homework 4 (pdf format)
2004. 11. 2 Homework 5 (pdf format)
2004. 11. 18 Homework 6 (pdf format)
2004. 12. 14 Homework 7 (pdf format)
2004. 12. 16 Homework 8 (pdf format)
2004. 12. 21 Homework 9 (pdf format)
2004. 12. 21 Final Presentation (pdf format)

  - Late problem sets will have 0.5 points deducted for each day.  Please keep the due date.

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