Prof. Nam Zin Cho







  December 1980

  Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, U.C. Berkeley

  December 1976

  M.S. in Nuclear Engineering, U.C. Berkeley

  February 1971

  B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, Seoul National University





  January 1987ˇ­ Present  

  Professor, Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering, KAIST

  December 1996ˇ­Present

  Nuclear Science and Engineering, Associate Editor, Asia
    The International Research Journal of the
    American Nuclear Society

  June 2001~Present

  Executive Committee, ANS Mathematics and Computation


  June 1997~ June 2000

  Executive Committee, ANS Reactor Physics Division

  March 1988~Present

  Nuclear Safety Review Committee, KINS

  May 1996ˇ­April 1999

  National R & D Program Director (Nuclear Technology)
  at KISTEP for Ministry of Science and Technology

  April 1994 ˇ­April 1996

  Chairman, Department of Nuclear Engineering, KAIST

  July 1996~June 1998

  Secretary/Treasurer, Pacific Nuclear Council

  October 1989ˇ­September 1997 

  Publications Secretary, Korean Nuclear Society

  January 1983ˇ­January 1987 

  Nuclear Engineer, Brookhaven National Laboratory

  December 1980ˇ­December 1982 

  Staff Scientist, Science Applications, Inc.



Honors and Awards


  September 1974

  Tse-Wei Liu Memorial Fellowship

  University of California, Berkeley

  October 1993

  Academic Excellence Award
  Korean Nuclear Society

  May 1999

  Best Paper Award
  Korean Nuclear Society

  June 2000

  Best Paper Award

  American Nuclear Society Reactor Physics Division

  November 2001


  American Nuclear Society

  December 2001

  Proud Citizen Award

  Taejon City