The research interests of the Laboratory are focused on the investigations of neutron and radiation particle transport and their interactions with matter. The area includes studies of space-energy-time characteristics of neutron distributions in nuclear reactors and of neutral and charged particle transport in various media, based on reactor physics, atomistic and molecular simulations and computational science. These are then applied to the reactor core design, reactor control, in-core fuel management, nuclear imaging, radiation therapy planning, and the radiation shielding in the design of various such nuclear systems. The research activities involve scientific computing of large-scale computation and simulations using high-performance parallel, distributed, and cluster computers.

Fields of Interest

1. Nuclear Reactor Core Design


  - Reactor Physics and Nuclear Data

  - Fuel Management and Optimal Loading Pattern Search

  - Nuclear Design of Advanced Reactors (Ex: Ultra-Long Life Reactor, Fast Breeder Reactor, High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor, Transmutation Subcritical Reactor)

  - Methods and Design Codes Development



2. Reactor Dynamics


  - Space-Time Kinetics and Optimal Control

  - Nonlinear Stability Analysis

  - Core Follow, Monitoring, and State Estimation

(Ex: Observe Theory, Neural Network Theory, Wavelet Theory)



3. Neutron and Radiation Transport Theory and Applications


  - Deterministic Transport Methods

  - Monte Carlo Methods/Molecular Dynamics Simulation

- Radiation Shielding Analysis

- Neutral and Charged Particle Transport Theory and Computation

  - Applications to Inverse Problems (Ex: Nuclear Assay, Nuclear Imaging, Radiation Therapy Planning)



 4. Advanced Computation


- Acceleration Algorithms

- Numerical Methods, Scientific Computing, and Simulation of Large-Scale Problems

  - High-Performance Computing

  - Parallel, Distributed, Cluster Computing